On September 8th, experience the timeless story and dynamic combat of Final Fantasy IV on Steam and mobile

On September 8th, experience the timeless story and dynamic combat of Final Fantasy IV on Steam and mobile

SQUARE ENIX has announced that their critically acclaimed RPG FINAL FANTASY IV will be released worldwide this September 8 for Steam and mobile platforms, as part of the FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster series. That means that fans will soon be able to enjoy FINAL FANTASY IV‘s timeless story of love and betrayal, alongside dynamic battles and beloved characters, with enhanced pixel graphics and enhanced audio as a 2D pixel remaster.

In FINAL FANTASY IV, the kingdom of Baron launches attacks on the surrounding lands with their elite fleet, the Red Wings. Unhappy with this mission, Cecil, a dark knight, and captain of the Red Wings, decides to oppose the tyrannical baron, supported by his loyal friend and lover. In his quest for the crystals, Cecil travels overland, underground, to the Land of Summons, and even to the moon. Along the way, players can join forces with Kain the dragoon, Rosa the white mage, Rydia the summoner, and many other powerful allies. FINAL FANTASY IV set a new standard for role-playing games at the time with its diverse cast of characters, deep plot, and real-time Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which keeps time during battles, reducing the pressure to make the right choices quickly. to come will always be felt. 

This latest version of FINAL FANTASY IV breathes new life into the original release with several improvements and upgrades, including:

  • Updated 2D graphics reimagined for modern hardware, featuring iconic FINAL FANTASY pixel designs from original artist and current co-developer Kazuko Shibuya
  • Beautiful new arrangements of the soundtrack curated by original composer Nobuo Uematsu
  • Improved gameplay, including modernized user interface, auto-combat options, and more
  • Quality-of-life improvements and various extras such as the bestiary, the illustration gallery, the music player, and the ability to save at any time

Several presale bonuses are available for FINAL FANTASY IV on Steam, including rearranged music tracks, two exclusive wallpapers, and a 20% discount. The special music tracks start as the original tracks but gradually transition into new arrangements. They are only available in presale or by purchasing the bundle on Steam. It concerns the following three special tracks:

  • The Red Wings (Time Lapse Remix)
  • Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV (Timelapse Remix)
  • Battle 2 (Time Lapse Remix)

All six games of the pixel remaster series can be pre-purchased as the FINAL FANTASY I – VI bundle for even more discount. More information about the bundle is available on Steam.

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