ONE PIECE ODYSSEY is the new turn-based RPG with Monkey D. Luffy


If you know ONE PIECE, you know it’s one of the longest-running animes out there. It already has 20 seasons and probably a 21st upcoming. There have also been a couple of ONE PIECE games, and now there’s a new turn-based RPG upcoming named ONE PIECE ODDYSEY. In this game, you will follow the crew of the Thousand Sunny (Luffy and the Straw Hats’ ship) as they wash ashore on a mysterious island after a stormy crash. Here they find horrifying monsters and an original character, all created together with the creator of ONE PIECE, Eiichiro Oda. If you want to know more you can click here to check out an interview with the producer or watch the reveal trailer below. So far all we know about the release date is that it will be somewhere this year.

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