Oninaki Demo out now!

Oninaki Demo out now!

Square Enix announced that the demo for Oninaki is available for download right now! Download it on PS4, Switch, and PC in anticipation of the full release that will be on 22nd of August.

In Oninaki you will play as a young guardian Kagachi, who carries the burden of guiding lost souls to the world beyond. During his duty, he gets introduced to the mysterious figure called Linne, and this is when his very own fate becomes entangled with blood and death. In the demo you can enjoy all of the gameplay features and experience the beginning of Kagachi his story, that will take you through life, death, and reincarnation.

You will have the option to carry over your progress to the full release of the game as well. You will also get access to “Battle Mode” where you will wage epic wars against an empowered character that has been possessed by 4 daemons, which will challenge your skill and understanding of what the different jobs do.

The game is available for both digital and physical pre-order, each with a cool and unique item, the PS4 will get the Emrys spear, Switch gets the Ouka-Setsugetsu sword and PC gets the Titan axe.

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