Onion Force – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Queen Bee Games
Publisher: Queen Bee Games
Platforms: PC, iOS, Android
Tested on: PC

Onion Force – Review

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Onion Force is the latest hybrid tower defense/action adventure game made by Queen Bee Games. It features 30 playable levels with 3 difficulties, 3 heroes, tons of loot and 8 different towers to defend your King and save the world. Let’s see what they’ve made of it.

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Onion Force features a quite small and non-relevant story, but it has one nonetheless. Your job is to protect your king from incoming attacks as you go on your mission to save the world. Much more context isn’t really given in the first half of the game, but that’s not necessarily a game killer though since Onion Force is a tower defense game.


The graphics in Onion Force are OK. They look pretty mediocre but it’s good enough for a small tower defense game. There aren’t really any impressive graphical effect, animations or scenery either, but seeing as this is a very cheap game, the price surely justifies the visual quality. Also, a very annoying thing is that the game is frame-locked. The game runs at 30 frames per second on “normal” speed and when you want to speed up the game it simply cranks it up to 60 frames per second, which is a pretty sloppy way of doing it, and it makes the game not feel smooth when playing at normal speed.

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Sound wise, Onion Force does fairly well. The music in the game sounds pretty good, but it can get quite repetitive because there aren’t a lot of different tracks to be found. Sound effects are also fairly good, but don’t expect anything crazy from Onion Force.


Onion Force is a tower defense game where you can also walk around and attack with one of your characters. The game features 30 levels with 3 playable heroes, with each hero having their own playstyle. Each hero can be leveled up and geared with stuff you find in the levels, giving them more attack power, thus giving you the ability to do some of the harder levels.

Each level has three modes: easy, medium and hard. You can only unlock the next difficulty after finishing the previous one, so you have to play a level at least three times to get all of the stars for it. A level can also be completed with perfect score when the wall around your King doesn’t get any damage. The stars obtained in the levels can be used to upgrade towers in between levels. This will increase their effectiveness drastically but also increase cost.

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Onion Force features eight different towers, ranging from caltrops to bomb towers. Each tower has its strength and weakness and can be upgraded 3 to 5 times depending on the tower. A good combination of towers is necessary in order to survive all the waves, and you might even have to play the level a couple of times to see which towers are most effective against which waves.

In the levels you can also earn onions and find hearts. Hearts can be used to heal your character if it has taken damage and onions can be used to purchase upgrades that only last for that level. These can be bombs when you attack, a tornado that launches and more. These will give your Bowman, Warrior and Wizard much needed attack boosts in order to make it through the tough levels. Once one of your heroes dies in a level, you can always start using one of the two remaining ones. So you’ll have to keep all your heroes geared and leveled in order to score well in the later stages of the game.

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Furthermore, the game does lack some things. First and foremost, the ability to delete turrets would be great. Sometimes you just make a little error and have to rebuild a turret, but it’s currently not possible. The healing tent is also pretty bad, each hero has a certain amount of “ammo” and health, in order to recharge it you have to go sit in a tent, but you can only leave the tent once your health and ammo is fully recharged, which can take a while. A nice to have would have been Steam leaderboards, since the levels are judged on score after all.


All in all, Onion Force was an okay game which felt pretty mediocre. The game is run in a small windowed box (but can be toggled to fullscreen which will mean that the graphics will look a bit worse), the controls are fairly awkward at times and the game is locked at 30 frames per second most of the time. However, it does provide quite some levels and it’s fun while they last.

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Onion Force - Review, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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