Online Casino Offers that Have Become a Hit

In 2017, casinos all over the world made almost $50 billion in online gambling alone, a figure that has been rising steadily since 2011. With such numbers, you can bet more business people want a share of the profits, and so more gambling houses keep coming up. The trick is in keeping up with the competition and retaining old customers while attracting new ones.


When you look up online casino rankings, you notice the top guys are always the usual suspects — top names in Atlantic City, Macao, Vegas and others that have also licensed newer online casinos for part of their profits. How do they keep customers coming back? Well, they keep it simple, using information they collect from existing customers to attract new ones.

Here are some of the strategies that big names are using to attract and retain punters.

  • Generous Welcome Bonuses

Freebies are good and though they have been used time and again, they still work wonders, especially when applied strategically. Most casinos are looking at an online casino offer by their competition and doubling it to attract punters. So, if the competition – Casino A – offers to match a deposit by up to $500, Casino B will double that and even maybe reduce the required minimum deposit by half.

It is not uncommon to see a 1 dollar minimum deposit casino these days, a small factor that brings everyone — regardless of income — onboard. Since the first thing the house wants to establish is trust, a punter is more unafraid to risk $1 than they would $50, for instance. After they have been with the casino for a while, and even won some cash, they will be more likely to increase their deposits.

  • Weekly/ Monthly Offers to Existing Users

An online casino platform is not just interested in getting new players, but also in keeping them, and promotions have proven to work quite well. A player is likely to be a loyal player at casinos that come up with regular promotions to keep customers on toes. Weekly and monthly bonuses are great because existing punters do not know what to expect.

It also helps when wagering requirements aren’t insanely high. If you demand a customer wager 400x to withdraw their winnings from a bonus, then most punters will find this unattainable, especially if they are new and inexperienced. Lower demands accompanied by a small deposit will keep more players coming back.

  • Innovative Games Based on Demographics

Players are not in the same age bracket, and casinos are learning to use data that helps plan for punters based on demographics. An online gambling platform with players of all age groups will look at what their younger players like — even from the competition – and then develop games that agree with that group. This includes the interface too where younger players likely to gamble from their mobile devices will appreciate animated and lively themes.

Game portfolio is another factor that affects demographics with younger players preferring to test different types of games that will keep them engaged and challenged mentally. Older players may prefer games with higher wagers, even if they are all the same throughput.

Most casinos are spending more money developing a variety of high-quality games that younger players will enjoy because they offer longer lifetime value if they become loyal to the casino.

  • Support – Live Chats and 24/7 Customer Care

While this is not an offer, it is proven that most players come back to play in casinos that respond to them as quickly as they need. Live chats are effective and have become one of the most popular ways for players to make inquiries since they provide instant feedback. Free toll numbers have also made some of the most profitable casinos quite popular, again because of the fast response. Even better if these services are available all hours of the day and night.

  • Fast Withdrawals

You could have the best online gambling offer but fail on the basis of withdrawal. If it takes more than three days for a customer to get their cash, a casino is likely to lose them pretty soon. These days, some gambling houses have cash ready in the punter’s account in as few as 12 hours, making them a hit even of their bonuses aren’t the best on the market. A user-friendly website also helps since even a new player will know how to get their money and the conditions for use will be clear.

  • Several Payment Options – Including Cryptocurrency

Cards are quite risky as a payment method, but they are still used in most casinos. Most gambling houses are becoming a hit by introducing new online payment methods such as Visa Electron, Neteller, Skrill, American Express and MasterCard, and the usual PayPal. Now, the latest, cryptocurrency.

Thanks to its nature that allows anonymity, crypto is quickly becoming a hit among punters, and casinos that are yet to include it in their payments are missing out. Customers simply need to have online wallets that allow the swift transfer of this digital currency for transactions, and the payment period does not need to be any different from when you use your card or any other online payment plan.

Data Analysis Works

Users are keeping casinos on their toes, thanks to all the new joints mushrooming every day. It is up to owners to collect data that allows them to see how fair the competition is and how they can use some tricks to increase their market share. If a punter with an account in a competing gambling house makes a casino deposit less than 5 times to start winning and withdrawing real cash – bonuses included – then it could be time to revamp your wagering requirements.

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