Online Games for Retro Enthusiasts

Online Games for Retro Enthusiasts

While it is certainly possible to install an emulator on your computer, or head to a website offering copies of games from the 80s and 90s, isn’t it more fun to check out some of the new retro titles out there?

With retro gaming making such a resurgence over the past couple of years, getting your hands on an original copy of Pokemon Blue, or Super Mario might set you back more than just forking out for the original.

While you can look through a variety of casino games here, there’s a whole selection of browser-based and platform games that can entertain you for days. The retro-style games offer a totally fresh storylines that give familiar themes an interesting twist.

These are our favorite picks for any retro enthusiast:

Zombies in Spaceland

Starting off with a big hitter, Zombies in Spaceland is downloadable content for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Whilst you’ve only been able to get your hands on this since 2016, it brings a retro 80s spirit with its exceptional soundtrack and futuristic setting, as in the future from the past, if you catch the drift.

The aim of the game is to shoot down as many zombies as possible all whilst ducking and diving your way through a neon-lit amusement park. You’ll be able to hide out behind spaceship rides, bust moves on a light-up dancefloor, and even catch site of David Hasselhoff if you’re particularly eagle-eyed.

As long as your friends have the DLC, too, it’s possible to log in and play online with one another, but if they don’t then there’s nothing to stop you from going on a one-man zombie massacre.

Golden Buffalo

This slot harks back to the times of the Wild West, where cowboys roamed the plains, rounding up cattle, looking for gold, or sometimes just getting up to no good. Golden Buffalo puts a big focus on the animals that roam the plains of the Western US.

On the reels, you’ll find retro Americana-style moose, eagles, bobcats, and coyotes, as well as a golden buffalo, of course. Even the playing card symbols have been given a makeover with cacti, lizards, and snakes. It’s a great-looking slot game, with a catchy cowboy theme tune that anybody dreaming of a simpler life out West will love to play.

Street Skater

If you’re looking for a browser-based game that will fulfil all of your skateboarding dreams then Street Skater might just be the one. For a free-to-play game, Street Skater certainly packs a punch. You’ll take the role of a heavily pixelated skateboarder, who you’ll need to guide through ollies and kickflips and across grind rails and half pipes.

You do this by using your space bar to jump, flip, spin, basically everything, except apply the brakes which you do using the shift key. Whilst you’ve got all of that going on, you’ll want to make sure you’re jumping high enough to reach the spinning gold coins and avoiding crashing too.

With that said, the outcome when you crash is pretty hilarious. Usually, your head will fall off and your body will smash into tiny little pieces.

Pixel Pat

Time for a curveball with this bizarre entry from Intel. Pixel Pat was thought by many to be an April Fool’s joke, but it turns out that this 8-but browser game is in fact a strange bit of marketing. In order to commemorate the first anniversary of Pat Gelsinger as the CEO of the company, the game was released just a day before April Fool’s Day.

The game is an endless free runner in which you play as Pixel Pat. You’ll need to make your way through Intel’s brand-new factory, collecting wafers as you go. As an added bonus you can also collect lightbulbs which each bring up an interesting fact about Gelsinger himself.

Don’t forget to avoid insects and dust clouds, as too many collisions with these and you’ll have to start over. Fans of Super Mario will enjoy this homage to Intel’s big boss, even if it does seem like a strange use of the marketing budget.

Neon Drive

Neon Drive is a brilliant example of retro-futurism done right. This game puts you in the driver’s seat of a speeding sports car which you’ll need to hurtle around a retro universe in. Just like Zombies in Spaceland, the world that you inhabit is filled with buzzing electric lights, which make driving both beautiful and challenging.

As you zoom across the wings of spaceships, rocket around illuminated cities and drive directly over the inky black ocean, you’ll be accompanied by an absorbing soundtrack. This was designed with synths at the forefront, to create a listening experience that’s totally immersive and gels perfectly with the brightly lit car game format.

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