Only one more week until Battle Princess Madelyn!

Only one more week until Battle Princess Madelyn!

After an immensely successful Kickstarter campaign, Causal Bit Games and Hound Picked Games are excited to finally release Battle Princess Madelyn on multiple consoles on December 6th.

Battle Princess Madelyn, a game developed by Causal Bit Games, has players join the journey of a young but cunning knight in training, Madelyn, and het ghostly pet dog Fritzy. Together, they set out on an adventure to save her kingdom and her family from the hands of an evil wizard. Based to the core on games likeGhouls ‘n Ghosts and Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap, the familiar and classic gameplay will take old-school gamers back to their heyday. The self-adjusting difficulty level will allow for even the most unexperienced gamer to pick the game up and play.

Join Madelyn and Fritzy on their adventure through graveyards, swamps, castles, countryside and even more! Clean and fresh gameplay, incredible visuals, jaw-dropping dual soundtracks and epic adventures await. The story for this game is original and refreshing, and was written by a professional children’s author.

The graphics of this game were hand drawn and are brought to life by the enchanting lighting of the Unity Engine. The game includes two different soundtracks: Classic Arcade FM/PCM to set the hectic pacing, and Modern Orchestrated to set the mood for the scene by Gryor87 of Maldita Castilla fame.

Battle Princess Madelyn is a mix of fast paced classic arcade action with the adventure elements of console classics from the golden age of console gaming. It has two modes of gameplay: Arcade mode, which is based on the old school action of an arcade machine and includes masses of upgradable weapons that depend on your armor, and Story mode for the full adventure experience where you can upgrade your weapons and armor at the blacksmith.

If you manage to find all of the hidden collectibles around the 10 levels, which include 5 branching stages, you will gain extra rewards, and even additional hidden stages.

Battle Princess Madelyn will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita and the Nintendo WiiU on December 6th.

Watch the final trailer below.

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