Open Beta started for Habbo in Unity

Open Beta started for Habbo in Unity

Sulake, the social entertainment company behind the social video game Habbo has announced the start of the transition of Habbo from Flash to Unity in open beta. As Flash won’t be supported as of next year, games like these had to adapt to keep on existing. Through the end of this year, the game will run simultaneously in Flash and Unity, but after January 2021, the game will only be available in Unity.

Sulake is prepping all the beloved features already present in the existing variant of the game such as the Marketplace and trading system so players can keep enjoying these features in the Unity version. The new client will also introduce a number of new features, including vaults and an avatar leveling system.

To see how the game looks in Unity, check out the game its website here. You can log in with your existing credentials, but be aware that this version of the game in open beta, meaning that not everything will be available here.

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