Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy – Review
Follow Genre: Dungeon crawler RPG
Developers: MAGES. Inc., 5pb., Experience Inc.
Publisher: NIS America
Platforms: PC, PS Vita, PS TV
Tested on: PS TV

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy – Review

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Certain parts of the world probably would’ve been erased from the planet if certain game scenarios would’ve happened in real life. Monsters running rampant and destroying cities or unknown abysses growing like weed, is just one bit of what could happen. This is exactly what happens in this title, and it even might ring a bell. If you’re up to fighting evil yet again, just as in Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, gear up and get ready for battle.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy


This game continues where Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy left off. It seems that things still aren’t ok as a new threat is creeping closer, which is a huge issue for Tokyo and possibly the world. Three months after the Variants, the evil monsters that lurk around, were defeated, a new mysterious object appeared in the sky. This huge object is called ‘The Embryo’. With this, the Variants were running rampant again, shrouding the world in fear yet again. There are only a few forces who are capable of tackling this imminent doom and you’re a part of it. The CPA (or Code Psychics Agency) and the Xth Squad work together to tackle this issue and the protagonist is part of the Babyl Company. Will it be enough though?

As this is an RPG, it is only natural that there is a rather deep and profound storyline. Of course, since this is a sequel, it might be a bit hard to follow some of the references or just knowing in general what is happening. Before you tackle this game, it might be a good idea to dive into the story from the previous game so you have some background.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy


The PS Vita or PS TV doesn’t pack as much power as their big brother, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be any beautiful games. This also means that the PC version is blessed with these visuals. Of course, don’t expect the best of graphics, but the characters and enemies are nicely finished and rather colorful, which stands out immediately against the sometimes dark or bland background.

As you’re venturing several labyrinths, it is normal that you will see certain elements repeated multiple times. For instance, one of the first dungeons you need to investigate will have something that resembles green walls of leaves, which look really flat and tasteless but the characters make up for it. It would have been nice if this was a bit more detailed, although there are some accessories here and there in upcoming dungeons.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy


As this game is set in Japan, it is only natural that you will hear similar sounds. Don’t expect much rock or electronic music, but more fitting, cheerful music. There are quite some different tracks added, but you will always hear the same ones while going through the several menus and since it loops rather fast, it might get on your nerves sooner than later.

Next to the music, there is more than enough ambience while venturing the labyrinths and during fights. All of your attacks are guided by some swooshing sounds and moans here and there, while the same can be said for the enemies. Sometimes during conversations, the characters will say short sentences. It would have been nice if there was more voice acting though, as it might seem a little quiet now and then during discussions.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy


Operation Babel is a dungeon crawler RPG where you need to investigate and stop the weird events that are taking place, while also trying to save the world from the Embryo. To do so, you are the protagonist that resides in the Babyl Company which consists out of six members. Your team gets several assignments, which can go from killing certain wanted Variants to finding missing people. At the beginning you get a lot of information in the form of tutorials or initiative missions so you get the hang of things. This surely isn’t a luxury, as the game has a lot of different elements to keep in mind. We’re going to tackle the most important ones.

For starters, your team get their powers from blood. These specific types of blood contain the powers of great warriors and will give you the same strength and perks. Each member starts with one main type of blood, but you can always change this or add a second one (called sub). Both of them will gain experience in battle but this will go slower than to level just one of course. On the other hand, you will gain more HP and MP and you’re able to use spells and skills from both blood types. In the end, the advantages are better than the disadvantage but it’s just something to keep in mind.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

Venturing in dungeons will imply that you have to take up arms against the Variants. At least you have six members to tackle all these enemies. You can choose to select all of the attacks and spells on your own, while you can also perform quick selecting, where the latest selected skill will be repeated. Even more, if you want a quicker battle, you can accelerate and skip all the attacks so you can dive in the next wave of assaults. MP isn’t used in the same way as normal games though. For instance, a healer will be able to use a certain cluster of spells three times, so you need to think about what your team needs. It could be that you’re in need for healing or something else but you only have an amount of charges.

After you’ve defeated enemies, you get experience, Growth Points (or GP) and the chance of finding some loot. This is mostly locked away and guarded by some traps. First of all, it’s a good idea to investigate what you’re dealing with. Everyone can have a guess on what trap is in place. Afterwards, you need to choose who is going to dismantle it and what type. Depending if you made the right choice, the snare is dismantled and you’re good to take the loot. If you’re wrong, you face the consequences. It could also be that there isn’t any trap, so be sure that you’re certain to dismantle or not.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

With this loot, you can develop new things. Some objects are junk, while others are materials to make certain items. First of all you can choose to develop items yourself by fusing certain parts and paying some GP. It could be that you don’t have certain elements and then it’s a good idea to see if you can strip some of the objects you don’t need anymore. Of course, you can also prefer to buy premade accessories or weaponry, which can be issued. Do keep in mind that this will cost some GP. On the other hand, if you need some money you can take on some deliveries to earn some. Next to making or breaking certain items, you can also infuse elements or boost it by increasing its level.

Gaining levels is done by resting in the infirmary. You have to pay GP to heal MP (and HP) or just go on a vacation when you’re exhausted. Levelling up triggers more life and mana, while your main blood will also grant you a better stats. You can choose where you want to invest in of course, but you have to keep in mind what your character needs most. Also, you can spend GP if you want to gain some experience. This might be a good idea if you want to gain a new level just before going resting.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy


After its predecessor, Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy will take you on yet another adventure to save Tokyo and even the rest of the world. Since the game should be playable on the PS Vita/TV, it is only natural that the graphics aren’t the greatest, but they are amazing and pack some punch. The same can be said about the ambience, making a harmonious package of fun. If you’re looking for a fun dungeon crawler RPG with a lot of options, be sure to check this game.

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Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy - Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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