What OSRS Players Can Expect From Desert Treasure II

What OSRS Players Can Expect From Desert Treasure II

What to expect from the rewards for the upcoming Grandmaster quest Desert Treasure 2.

Desert Treasure 2 is the fourth grandmaster quest released in 2023, alongside Monkey Madness 2, Dragon Slayer 2, and Song of the Elves. While you’ll unlock decent money-making with Monkey Madness by killing maniacal monkeys after the quest, one of the best solo combat ways to earn OSRS GP from Dragon Slayer 2 is by unlocking Vorkath. You can do more soloable skilling and combat ways to earn OSRS GP in Prifdinas by completing the Song of the elves. As such, it is only fair to expect something of at least a similar scale from Desert Treasure 2.

And since there are not 1, but 4 repeatable bosses, which you will unlock by completing this quest, you should expect to earn a lot of OSRS GP, especially if you’re well prepared on quest release and become one of the first to farm the bosses for their uniques, which will initially sell for more OSRS gold due to their scarcity. This involves a certain amount of luck as the drops will be RNG-based.


During the Winter Summit event, Jagex initially spoke about introducing a new grandmaster-level quest in 2022. They have now progressed past the community consultation poll, meaning the quest is in full development and will be polled again before hitting the beta worlds. The quest will represent a sequel to Desert treasure 1 questline. It will occur in the Kharidian desert and 3 other important locations around Gielinor, such as the Great Kourend, Ruins of Camdozaal, and the Temple of the Eye.

While in the rewards blog post, Jagex has consulted for greenlighting quite a large amount of unique rewards from the four bosses you’ll unlock with Desert treasure 2 (Duke Sucellus, Vardorvis, the Leviathan, and the Whisperer). The community with OSRS accounts for sale only agreed with some in the related poll. Jagex assured the community that the rewards are aimed to stand just below the raids level rewards, potentially making them highly valuable.

Virtus Robes

The community overwhelmingly voted for the introduction of Virtus Robes, a new set of magic armours between Ahrim and Ancestral, regarding their power. Over 90 percent voted for the development of the robes. In comparison, 75 percent voted that the robes focus on giving special bonuses to the ancient magicks spells, which you can use from the Ancient spellbook unlocked by completing the previous quest in the series, Desert Treasure 1.

Ancient Sceptre

The ancient Sceptre is a weapon between the Ancient Staff and the Nightmare Staff, the other weapons that can auto-cast the ancient magicks spells. You can get it from a relatively new boss, the Phantom Muspah. Since there are four ancient elements (blood, smoke, ice, and shadow), Jagex proposed that one of the rewards you could get from killing the Desert Treasures 2 Bosses are ancient element gems, which you can combine with the Ancient Spectre to boost one of the spell categories. It is most likely that since the ice and blood spells are the most used, the two respective gems will be the most expensive since the demand for them will be the highest. Over 91 percent of the players voted that Jagex should develop these gems as a potential boss reward.


Another potential reward that has received over 90 percent positive feedback from the community is a set of four rings that will represent best in slots through their stats rather than through special abilities that make them suitable for niche content. These rings will represent direct upgrades of the Fremennik rings, which the Dagannoth kings drop. While this means more grind for ironman accounts, it also means having a stable economy and not affecting the existing rings’ prices.

What to Expect

Jagex has stated that the bosses will have different difficulties, so a wider variety of players can join the fun and try killing the bosses after completing the grandmaster-level quest. While killing the bosses will for sure be fun. Challenging experience regardless of which boss you choose to kill. There is a high likelihood that specific rewards, such as the ancient gems, could be linked to their own boss. At the same time, all could drop the more general rewards, such as the rings or Virtus Robes of the bosses, at a different drop rate. This could mean that you’re more likely to make more OSRS gold by killing a specific set of bosses since the gems could have different OSRS GP values on the GE because of the demand for blood and ice spells, which are the most used amongst the ancient magicks spells.

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