Otaku’s Adventure released for mobile devices

Otaku’s Adventure released for mobile devices

Today, Otaku’s Adventure, the new manga-style point-and-click game presented by Spacelight Studio and XD Inc. has been released for both iOS and Android. The game is now available with a special launch week discount for a limited amount of time as of release.

Otaku’s Adventure is a crazy manga-style point-and-click game that gives you control over a young otaku whose existence is turned upside down by three mysterious girls: Gohard, a gamer girl with anger issues, Waifu, a peculiar art student with a dark secret, and a witch called (´・ω・`), whose name has never been pronounced. Each choice you make alters your adventure which offers a lot of different adventures that can be had. These can vary from secret operations, escaping from alien kidnappers, or an isekai operation to slay monsters. Each adventure will be filled with shooting min-games and turn-based RPG battles. You can also try to solve puzzles to discover various anime and game easter eggs that will test your Otaku-ness level.

Check out Otaku’s Adventure’s official release date trailer below this post to get a glimpse of this game.

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