Out There: Ω Edition is exploring new horizons

Out There: Ω Edition is exploring new horizons

Imagine, if you will, awaking from a cryosleep in a solar system far away from your own. Your survival relies on nothing but your ship, urging you to constantly tinker with it to keep its condition as mint as possible. Soon, you’re meeting all kinds of intelligent, but hostile species and even ancient powers that are tied not only to your fate, but to that of mankind as well.

In 2013, Out There brought this experience to Android and iOS. Combining challenging resource management with gamebook mechanics, this adventure proved to be quite popular as it has sold 250.000 copies to date. This has lead Mi-Clos Studio to bigger ambitions. The result is Out There: Ω Edition, which is to be the PC, Mac and Linux version of this space odyssey.

This might not have been very exciting news if it were just a straight port. That is why the devs have updated the game in about every department imaginable. New alien races have been added, along with more ships, text adventures and a new ending to the story. The existing soundtrack has been extended with new compositions and graphically, the Ω Edition sets itself miles apart from the original, as you can see for yourself in the screenshot comparisons below.

Fans of the original will be happy to know that owners of Out There will get the ΩE – as the cool kids are calling it, get with the times! – as a free update. Also, new players who buy the PC, Max or Linux version will receive the android game without any additional charges.

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