Outbreak: The New Nightmare releasing fully in January 2018

Outbreak: The New Nightmare releasing fully in January 2018

Maybe you have heard about the new installment of the Outbreak series but if you haven’t it’s best to take a second to let this sink in. Many fans of the older Resident Evil games miss the atmosphere that the classic camera angles and tank controls brought. Some may not like it but most of the original players loved the feeling they gotten from this tactical placement. When Resident Evil decided to revamp the franchise into something more ‘modern’, we were quite delighted to know that there is a new game that takes the classic Resident Evil experience at heart and present us with something familiar.

Some key features of the game contain:

  • Fixed and panning camera angles to bring a cinematic feel and this in high definition 3D
  • Campaign mode to experience the feeling of what the survivors been through trying to escape the quarantine zone.
  • Onslaught mode in which you must survive endless waves of the undead
  • Hardcore classic survival with a unique cast of characters
  • Play alone in single player or 4-player online co-op
  • Limited inventory so you must manage it carefully
  • Infinite replayability with random enemy and item layouts
  • Play worldwide without NAT issues

If you have not yet gotten it you may better pick it up at a 40% discount and enjoy the old days and know what fear the dark alleys brought us in Raccoon City.

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