Overpass – New trailer released!

Overpass – New trailer released!

A new trailer has been released from Overpass.

In the video two aspects of the game get showcased, Obstacle Courses and Hillclimbs. With Obstacle courses, you’ll have to carefully use the gas pedal to avoid all natural and artificial obstacles in a smart way. Not only do you need to watch the gas pedal but also watch the position of the wheels and make smart use of the differential lock.

In races, there will be many techniques that players can implement all dependent on the vehicle, the terrain and of course the style of the player themselves. In Hillclimb, you’ll have to find a path to climb steep hills. Even if it’s usually a short distance you’ll have to be strategic and pick out the best path, so it is more challenging then you might think.

Overpass will release the 27th of February 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Epic Games Store). The game will also be released for the Nintendo Switch later on.

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