Ovid Works revealed first Dev Diary for Metamorphosis

Ovid Works revealed first Dev Diary for Metamorphosis

Ovid Works released its first Dev Diary for Metamorphosis, a first-person puzzle platformer about a man mysteriously transformed into a little bug.

The game has already gotten a lot of positive feedback, as it’s been included in Gamespot’s roundup of indie games that shouldn’t be overlooked and called one of the best indie games at GDC by Game Informer.

Metamorphosis will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It’s inspired by Franz Kafka’s seminal short story The Metamorphosis set in the 1920s in Prague. Our hero turns into a bug and sets on a quest to save not only himself, but also his wrongly accused friend Joseph. Players will have to leap, climb, and chart their path through a wide variety of settings!

In the newly revealed Dev Diary, Ovid Works dives into their philosophy of making games that combine an interesting story with fun gameplay.

“Franz Kafka was almost the first game designer. He was putting into his stories those labyrinths. And all of these things are possible to recreate today as a world which the player can experience,” said Game Director, Zaq Chojecki. “And by experiencing such complicated, impossible worlds, he arrives at the same questions and the same reflections as the characters of Franz Kafka.”

Watch the Dev Diary below.

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