Pachi Pachi On A Roll – Review
Follow Genre: Board game, Casino
Developer: Dolores Entertainment
Publisher: Dolores Entertainment, Hidden Trap
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac
Tested on: PS4

Pachi Pachi On A Roll – Review

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Well-informed people will certainly know the difference between a gambling game and a skill-based one. This is an important fact as gambling is illegal in certain countries and could lead to addictions. Pachi Pachi On A Roll is a game that takes inspiration from pachinko and crane games to make a fun skill-based combination that has some unique rewards up its sleeve.


The player joins two lovely ladies, Robin and Fujiko, by helping them rob the bank of four casinos in Money City. You will risk life, limbs and clothing to get rich quickly by fighting aliens, robbing trains and much more during your stay in Money City. There isn’t much story or lore in Pachi Pachi On a Roll, the game is more focused on quick gameplay sessions rather than bringing an elaborate story to the table. It isn’t a large obstacle as you came here for one thing, getting the highest score and stripping down the damsels.


There is a certain quality to the graphics of Pachi Pachi On A Roll. Every asset is carefully hand-drawn and the lovely girls are animated like 2D paper dolls. This gives a goofy vibe to the rather serious casino theme. While the game looks simple, it has many cool effects while hitting the jackpot, initiating mini-games and the look on Robin and Fujiko their faces when they lose a piece of clothing is golden.


People who have been to a casino, funfair, or pachinko hall will know that these places are loud and hectic. Luckily the gameplay of Pachi Pachi On A Roll isn’t a bombardment on your senses. There is some light background music playing and while you get audio feedback on everything your ball hits, it won’t make you anxious because of too many nerve impulses. The sound effects are nice and don’t get overwhelming after playing for a long time. It all fits snugly into the casino-themed gameplay.


Pachi Pachi On A Roll is a board game that combines elements from pachinko and claw crane games that turns pachinko into a skill-based experience. The goal is to break the bank of each casino while stripping Robin and Fujiko of their clothes for a win-win scenario. The gameplay is simple; a crane that holds a ball moves across the top and you must time your drop to have the ball hit as many points as possible. In each casino you have many different missions, from stripping the girls, hitting a certain amount of jackpots, getting the highest score, or hitting every bumper on the map.

There are four different casinos in total and getting there won’t be easy. You either need to clear every mission in the current map or rack up a total of ten million points per casino. While completing each mission proves to be a real challenge, especially because of the many different objectives that have to be met, it isn’t impossible to pull off. With the right timing, you can steer the ball almost certainly in the direction where you want it to go. If you are skilled enough then this game will feel fair to get through. Each casino has a different layout and you will need to adjust your tactics accordingly. In the later casinos, you can play unique mini-games, such as pinball and breakout to get bonus points, yet they will take a certain level of skill to trigger them.

You start each run with a fixed number of balls and when you complete a mission you will be rewarded with five bonus balls. If you just try to hit all the bumpers on the map then you will complete many missions along the way. These are often pretty simple, just like the controls. Controlling the crane is done by one button, and that is to drop the ball; that’s it. Most interactions only use one button with the exception of certain mini-games where you have to control something.

Your hard work isn’t left unnoticed. Aside from unlocking the new casinos, there is also a pretty big gallery where you can unlock the artwork and concept art of the girls and the casinos. It is a fun extra to look up after playing for a few hours. The artwork shows how everything is made and is always connected to the casino that you have spent time in.


Pachi Pachi On A Roll is a fun casino-like game where you get rewarded with the lovely ladies getting undressed along the way. The gameplay is simple and with enough skill, the game can be really rewarding in the long run. Unlocking new content is slow, as you either need to have ten million points or complete all the missions. It will take some hours to unlock everything in the gallery and the other casinos, but the grind is worth it as each casino is a unique experience.

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Rating: 6.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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Pachi Pachi On A Roll – Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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