Paradise Killer launches today for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC

Paradise Killer launches today for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC

Publisher Fellow Traveller and indie developer Kaizen Game Works have announced today that Paradise Killer, the open-world murder-mystery, is now available on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC

Paradise is an island that regenerates every few millennia. The psychic power that the alien worshipers within release into the universe is meant to feed and eventually resurrect their fallen deities. But this force also attracts undesired interest from demons, who eventually corrupt each island – until a new alternate reality is birthed by the Council. The system isn’t perfect, but it will be one day – on Perfect 25, the next island-to-be. But on the eve of rebirth, the Council is murdered and Paradise is killed. What are the facts? What are the truths? Are they the same? Who killed Paradise?

You choose who to accuse, and build a case to support a conviction. Everyone on Paradise has a secret to hide and something to gain. Old friends become new suspects, forcing you to choose between the evidence, the greater good and your own beliefs. There are many possible murderers, but who you pick will define your own personal truth.

To celebrate the launch of Paradise Killer, Fellow Traveller is offering a 20% discount on copies bought for Nintendo Switch from now until September 11. Steam gamers also get a 20% launch week discount from now until September 18.

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