Party game Clumsy Rush is coming to Xbox One on September 4

Party game Clumsy Rush is coming to Xbox One on September 4

Who doesn’t love a bit of candy? Clumsy Rush is a multiplayer party game colorful like candy made from rainbows. The game is published by RedDeerGames and allows the players to take part in extremely fun competitions. And after its success on Nintendo Switch in 2019, an extended edition will now be arriving on Xbox One this September 4.

Your main goal in the game is to win the crown, make your opponents’ lives as difficult as you can, and be the first to reach the finish line by passing a track filled with obstacles. 

Along with the launch, the multiplayer mode has been expanded from two to four players – so buckle up and enjoy the game with even more friends, family members, and all the party games fans you might accidentally encounter on the streets.

You can pick out your own cute outfit and get ready for a beautifully chaotic competition where all the participants look so goofy you will be constantly in awe. The ninja can turn into a block of ice, the rapper can suddenly rush backward, and the sumo wrestler can get ambushed by massive blocks as soon as he manages to get out of the giant oil stain.

Scroll down to watch the brand new Clumsy Rush Xbox One trailer down below!

Key features:

  • Competitiveness Share the fun with your family and friends – Clumsy Rush allows up to 4 players to take up the challenge locally!
  • So colorful! So vibrant! The competition takes place in a series of beautiful, strange worlds full of clouds, rainbows, slides, and mysterious structures. All in a vivid, memorable setting.
  • 25 random game modifications. Walking backward, Bounce (flipper), Angle180, ChangeLegs, Charge minus, Charge plus, Chubby, Crown Clones X2, Tiles Oil, Wrap, Freeze, and much more!
  • 47 obstacle courses. All with unique traps that you will remember for a long time.

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“Keep your friends close, but your memes even closer”.

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