Past Cure re-written with many game-changing additions

Past Cure re-written with many game-changing additions

A game’s community is something the most essential backbone of the title, and if the developers listen and work together beauty can be created. This is why Past Cure is getting a serious overhaul. Fans made many positive contributions and this reshaped the game as it is now. To start there are new areas and redesigned levels. Another strong point is there are two new abilities, Mind bash to stun an enemy and Mind Fly to create a shield to protect you.

To add more depth to the story there is much content added to the backstory and reworked cinematics. But with this better gameplay there must also be a compromise, this is why the Sanity meter will not recover under 35% and as it slowly depletes the nightmares become real. This is just a short list of new things that the players can find in this rework.

This new and improved version is available now on PC and next week on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Never give up on a dream. It might be a long nightmare, but one day it will change into a beautiful reality - MC_JP 2014

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