Patch 2.2 released for Marvel’s Avengers

Patch 2.2 released for Marvel’s Avengers

Today, Square Enix has announced the release of Patch 2.2 for Marvel’s Avengers. This new update brings a brand-new four-player Raid to the game where you battle against the villain Klaw. This patch also adds Spider-Man to the game, exclusively for PlayStation consoles.

Aside from the new raid and the addition of Spider-Man, the patch also adds the Shipments feature which adds more opportunities to earn cosmetics, resources and other items purely through playing the game. Each Shipment costs 500 Units (earned in-game) and each of these will offer you a chance to get one out of 250 possible items with a small chance to get a premium-outfit not obtainable through other ways. It won’t only be a matter of luck as you will automatically receive it after one hundred shipment purchases. The Power level is also increased to 175. To get the best equipment, you have to complete the hardest challenge in the game: clearing Discordant Sound, the new Klaw Raid added with this patch on the highest difficulty. Players can also upgrade their existing equipment with other equipment to increase its Power-level. Check out the dedicated blog here for more info about the rewards inside the Shipments.

Check out the Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Deep Dive video below this post for expansive overview of what is added through this patch.

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