PC Building Simulator 2 announced

PC Building Simulator 2 announced

Epic Games and Spiral House have announced that PC Building Simulator 2, the sequel to the cult hit build ‘em up will launch this year exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

PC Building Simulator 2 will push the limits of building of a virtual PC to new heights by rendering players’ dream machines in more detail than ever before. It will launch with over 1200 officially licensed parts from industry giants like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and enthusiast brands like Thermal Grizzly, enabling players to customize and optimize their ultimate dream PC to a new level.

PC Building Simulator 2 will have a career that’ll last over thirty hours, this game will bring improved graphical fidelity, many new features to deepen the experience of building a PC, and steps up the realism of hardware and software simulation.

PC Building Simulator 2 is now available to be wishlisted on the official game page in the Epic Games Store. For more info, check out the game’s official site.  You can check the announcement trailer below this post.

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