PC Building Simulator 2 launches today on PC through Epic Games Store

PC Building Simulator 2 launches today on PC through Epic Games Store

As most of the more tech-savvy gamers will surely know, ever since the COVID pandemic hit the prices of PC components went through the roof. Therefore it was quite challenging to build a new machine or keep your old one running. Those who felt left out during those harsh times or those who just want to build PCs for fun might have played the first PC Building Simulator game. This highly popular title sold many copies during its Early Access stage and was even free on the Epic Store one time. Now we celebrate the launch of the second title in the series, which builds on the great concept of its predecessor.

In PC Building Simulator 2 you will manage your own PC repair business with access to over 1200 PC components from over 40 authentic brands such as Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. The career mode will have you work your way from a small business to a large retailer in a campaign that should last you for at least 30 hours. You’ll be tasked with finding customers their issues, resolving them within their budget and providing good support from A to Z. Ensure you keep on getting good reviews and soon you’ll be asked to build the gaming machine of your client’s dreams. You’ll build PCs from scratch just like in real life, even the handling looks and feels the same. If you haven’t ever touched your own PC, this game can be a really informative stepping stone to doing it yourself later.

Key features include:

  • A brand new, in-depth, 30+ hour career mode
  • 1,200+ individual PC parts at launch
  • Improved and updated visuals
  • Takes hardware and software simulation to the next level
  • Customization of PC cases with spray paint, stickers and vinyl wraps
  • Brand new features such as thermal imaging, power monitoring, revamped thermal paste, and custom VRM/RAM/GPU water blocks
  • Addressable RGB lighting with sequenced animation
  • Share PC builds with our community via the new .pcbs file format

There is a unique ten percent discount during its launch week on the original price of £19.99/€24.99/$24.99 so an ideal time to grab your copy for PC and start playing it now!

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