PC version of JetX coming end of May

PC version of JetX coming end of May

Singularity Labs and FIBRUM have announced that the special PC version called JetX Space Edition will be released on Steam on May 30. The first week of its release, there will be a special discount of -20%. This version will feature all of the content available in the VR-version and the grand update that JetX users will get on May 30. This update will feature two new modes, Free-For-All, a playground for all players and Ghost Racing, a party racing mode for local or online games.

This arena-shooter game features arcade racing, epic arena battles, and a rich variety of game modes. You can challenge your friends or compete against bots as you fight and race your way to the top of the leaderboard. Armed with powerful weapons, and power-ups you find on the race track, each race will be a dangerous and exciting race for victory.

Only on May 30, you can get a bundle of JetX Space Edition and JetX VR with a 50% discount. Watch the trailer below to see what’s coming in this new arcade arena racer.

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