PDP Afterglow Wave Controller – Hardware Review
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PDP Afterglow Wave Controller – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Sturdy
Bad: LED lights are fun but you won't really be able to pay attention to them anyway
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After only recently discussing PDP’s REMATCH controller, we are already back for our second serving of PDP’s new lineup of controllers. This time, however, we are trading in the very intricate design of the REMATCH controller for fancy LED lights with the Afterglow Wave controller. For the most part, these controllers are actually very similar, but we still wanted to see if there were any noticeable differences outside of the overall design. The Afterglow Wave controller is compatible with PC and Xbox Series X/S.


The Afterglow Wave controller sports a more sober design, at least when it’s not connected. The controller has a matte black finish and a traditional Xbox controller button layout. When it’s connected, it’s a different story. The controller has ample LED lights that spice up the design, ranging from the long lights in both grips to circular LED lights around both sticks’ bases. Even with the lights on, this is a very classy controller and the LED lights are never truly in your face or distracting when you’re playing games.


Comfort-wise, this controller feels very much the same as a traditional Xbox Series X/S controller, and the button layout is also exactly the same. The controller is not too light nor is it too heavy, and thus it’s quite comfortable to hold it during longer gaming sessions. The big differences here are once again the function (mute) button and the back pedals. As the device also comes with a 3-meter cable, you don’t have to sit too close to the television or your monitor. The same remark we made in the previous review can again be made as the cable fits into the controller very tightly, and if you get stuck behind the cable you may drag everything down with it.

The sticks also have a concave design, and this means that you’ll be ensured proper grip during even the most intense videogame battles or platforming sections. There is enough resistance on the switches, allowing you to make more precise movements.


As expected, the Afterglow Wave controller is a plug-and-play device, and after plugging it in, you’re good to go in mere seconds. You can simply use the device without adjusting any settings, or you can download the PDP Control Hub that allows you to change different settings such as the vibration intensity, dead zones, and, of course, the LED settings. The Control Hub is fairly easy to work with and you can easily mess around with different options here.

The controller itself feels sturdy and the buttons provide enough feedback when playing games. We love the back pedals, as these do add a bit more versatility to a device such as this. We didn’t notice any input lag when using the device. A lot of gamers still prefer a wired controller, as this ensures better connectivity and you don’t have to keep track of the battery level. We also very much enjoyed being able to just relax without having to charge a device after a very long gaming session.




In conclusion, the Afterglow Wave isn’t a better controller than the REMATCH controller, it just provides the user with a different experience. Where one focuses on a more intricate design, the other focuses on nice-looking LED lights. The Afterglow Wave allows its user to tailor the device to their playstyle, and there is decent first-party software to help with that. We very much enjoyed gaming with this controller, and we will certainly keep using it for some time to come.

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PDP Afterglow Wave Controller - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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