PDP REMATCH Wired Controller (Switch) – Hardware Review
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Developer: PDP
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Platform: Switch

PDP REMATCH Wired Controller (Switch) – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Price, Stury, Responsive
Bad: The screenshot, home and function button were not that pleasant to work with
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PDP recently provided us with some nifty controllers to review, and we are actually revisiting the REMATCH controller in this review, albeit the version for Nintendo Switch. Last time we took a closer look at the Xbox Series X/S version of the controller and we were enamored by the intricate design of the controller and we loved the different functionalities. The REMATCH Advanced Wired Controller had a lot of different options that could be tinkered with on PC as well. This made us wonder how the Switch version would manage in terms of customizability. We put the controller to the test, and we quite enjoyed ourselves.


The REMATCH Wired Controller comes in many different versions. You’ll be able to buy very flashy designs or more modest designs with intricate drawings adorning the face plate of the device. This face plate can also be swapped, in case you want a different look for your controller now and then. The controller itself is shaped similarly to the shape of a Pro Controller, and the button layout follows the Pro Controller’s design. The buttons are finished with a matte black coating, and the entire package just looks quite cool.


Comfort-wise you’re getting a good solid controller with a nice ergonomic shape. The back pedals are easy to reach, the weight is just right, and you’ll have a lot of space to move around thanks to its 3.5 meters cable. Unlike the Xbox Series X/S version of the REMATCH controller, this one does not come with a detachable cable. The cable also doesn’t have a breakaway part, which means you have to be careful when moving around or when someone trips over it. We found the triggers to be of decent quality and the buttons provide nice feedback. We did find the screenshot button, the home button, and the function button to be a bit too deep in the controller’s case to be easily accessible.

The sticks have a concave design, which provides for more grip, and they also have enough resistance to them to prevent feeling flimsy. We were able to have a nice grip on the controller, and even with the glossy exterior it provided enough actual grip.


Just like the other PDP controllers we recently reviewed, the Switch version of the REMATCH controller is also a simple plug-and-play device that ensured we could start playing after mere seconds. The controller is sadly not able to turn on the console itself, which means you’ll still have to turn on the Switch manually. When you do, however, it immediately gets recognized and you’re good to go for your gaming session. The REMATCH controller comes with a dedicated function button that allows you to alter certain settings, which is certainly a plus. The box itself didn’t come with a paper version of the instructions, which was a bit of a shame.

In all honesty, there isn’t that much more to say when it comes to the controller’s overall functionalities. The device is very responsive and it will remain a pleasant device throughout many longer gaming sessions. Of course, you’re always getting a slightly more premium experience with the original Pro Controller, but you’re not even paying half the price of said Pro Controller when picking up a REMATCH controller. In terms of price-quality, you’re getting a proper bang for your buck here.


PDP’s REMATCH Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is a great and very affordable wired controller. The device is very comfortable, has the right weight, the cable is long enough to move around, and the sticks have just the right resistance. Even though we also noticed a few minor flaws, such as the screenshot, home, and function buttons being a bit less comfortable to use, and the lack of a breakaway part on the cable, you’re getting an awfully good controller for a very low price. We can easily recommend picking up this one, and if you get tired of it, you can simply buy a new face plate.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (4 votes cast)
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PDP REMATCH Wired Controller (Switch) – Hardware Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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