Perish – Announced!


Today developer and publisher HandyGames announce their upcoming title Perish, a hellish four-player first-person co-op shooter with endless waves of battles with one goal; entrance to Elysium.

Battle on the black sands of Purgatory, sell the spoils of battle to exsiccated priests in exchange for powerful melee and firearm items that will disintegrate your enemies into ashes. Perish is a Sisyphean game where once you die, you start over again. Bring three more players to the massacre and enjoy special co-op weaponry and gear. Revive and support yourselves while you reap havoc into the depths of oblivion.

Key Features:

  • 1-4 online player Co-Op campaign around ancient shipwrecks, volcanic foundries, and ruined temples.
  • A series of magnificent boss fights against rare and unheard-of colossal deities from ancient Greek mythology.
  • More than 10 handcrafted and ornate javelins, swords, bows, and guns each with its own unique and upgradeable offensive capabilities.
  • Gratuitous, brutal, gold-soaked ranged and melee combat against enemies with distinctive battle behaviors.
  • Morbid gladiators: enemies in PERISH are unforgiving, and as you travel further through Purgatory you will meet a slew of enemies inspired by Ancient Greek, Roman, and Christian mythologies.
  • Post-launch support: free updates to the PERISH universe, with strange new enemies and even crazier weapons to play with.


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