Perixx AX-4000 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Perixx
Publisher: Perixx
Platform: PC, mobile devices

Perixx AX-4000 – Hardware Review

Good: Low Price, Simple
Bad: No extra features, Sparkly texture on the plastic
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Gaming headsets, are so common nowadays, that nearly all gamers own one to support their online gaming habits. Whilst often a good headset heightens your gaming experience, they tend to take a lot of place, for those that have to get by with a smaller desk/gaming area. The gaming earphones that Perixx developed might offer a solution for those with limited space or those on the move a lot. We hereby present you our opinion of the AX-4000.


The AX-4000 looks a bit like the typical earphones we see in stores nowadays, like the ones that you use for your iPod or those that come with your smartphone. Nonetheless, the overall design of the AX-4000 may be quite simple but they don’t look bad either.

Mixing the colors black and red turned out to be a great mix, that already works well for other gaming devices. This still keep the device quite neutral, in order to fit with your attire if you use them outdoors and the touch of red makes them a bit more ‘badass’ to match your gaming hardware. The only little issue might be the ‘sparkly’ effect on the plastic part of the earpieces. This might not be something for everything, seeing this might come across as a bit too ‘girlish’ for some.


As far as comfort goes for the AX-4000, the device feels pretty much the same as any other pair of (in-)earphones. The rubber is quite comfortable and the device comes with a few different pairs of rubber earpieces in order for you to switch when needed.

The cable is long enough (1.3m) to prevent any discomfort by moving around a bit and the flat cable itself prevents any knots when you decide to store away your device.

Overall the device feels comfortable, just like most other earphones on the market. Not that many extra features have been implemented, as far as comfort goes. Then again, such a small device cannot have that many bells and whistles attached to it.



  • 3 meters stylish flat cable
  • Extra plug that provides two plugged connection (audio, mic)
  • Interchangeable ear-tips
  • Gold plated 3.5mm audio connector


Seeing the AX-4000 works with standard jacks, it’s simply a matter of connecting the device to either your pc, smartphone or what not, if you wish to listen to music. A simple matter of plug and play. If you with to use the device with the microphone, you’ll have to hook up the second small cable, that serves as a splitter to present you with an audio plug and a microphone plug. Both of these have to be inserted in the right ports of course.

The in-earpieces block out a decent portion of the surrounding noise, just like a standard pair of in-earphones. You’ll still hear a bit of what is going around you, but when the music starts playing, you will not get bothered too much with any outside noise.


Sadly, the AX-4000 does not have a real control mechanism, outside of the one button that’s fitted on the small black box on the cable. That button is used for the microphone and nothing more. Sadly there are no volume controls, but then again, this way the device is able to stay very compact.

The audio quality of the AX-4000 is quite decent but of course, a bigger headset will always pack a bit more power. Nonetheless, the sound is clear, the bass is quite strong and the overall quality is certainly great, for the price that Perixx offers the AX-4000.


It’s clear that Perixx is aiming at a target audience of ‘gamers on the go’ with their device. The overall device may offer a minimum of functions, however it’s easily storable, compact, affordable and above all qualitative for its price range. If you have a slightly lower budget or if you tend to game a lot ‘on the road’, this small device might be fun to look into.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (10 votes cast)
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Perixx AX-4000 - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  1. MC_JP
    November 27, 2014, 01:08

    I really love my pair of AX 4000 earphones ^^

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