Person of Interest: Season 5 (Blu-ray) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Action, Mystery, Drama
Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Episodes: 13
Duration: 43 min (per episode)

Person of Interest: Season 5 (Blu-ray) – Series Review

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With the fifth season, Person of Interest comes to a halt within the frame of 13 episodes, which is ten less than the other seasons of the series. We revisit John, Harold, Root and Shaw, even though the latter is currently in the hands of the opposition. The Machine has taken a beating and is now reduced in size, making it fit inside a simple suitcase, hoping to get decompressed at a later date. Nonetheless, with Samaritan online, it will prove to be a lot trickier to get the Machine up and running again, without being spotted by the rivaling AI, and its underlings.

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The last season starts off with John (Jim Caviezel), Harold (Michael Emerson) and Root (Amy Acker) clinging on to their dear lives, as they try to escape the clutches of Samaritan’s enforcers. Root is going solo, while John and Harold are able to make their way to the broken down subway tunnels with the battered case the Machine finds itself in. When decompressing the files, Harold lacks the proper equipment to handle the needed processing power, which ends up damaging the super AI more than they’d like. When they find a solution, a lot of bugs appear in the Machine’s code, which damages the facial recognition of said device, its anchor in time, as it can’t properly determine what happens in the past or present and last but not least, it has all forgotten about Harold and its great initiative and eventually looks at Harold, John and Root as potential threats, instead of those preventing murders. Of course, you can expect a somewhat safe outcome, but the rebooting of the machine and its functions is a primary task throughout the beginning of the season.

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In the meantime we see what Shaw (Sarah Shahi) has been enduring when in the vile clutches of the Samaritan agents, and how they want to turn her into an asset, instead of another body six feet under. Nonetheless, Shaw doesn’t cave in, but you’ll see how she gets tortured on a psychological level, and in some ways you’ll learn that Samaritan also does good, in its own very wicked ways.

Even though this season only has thirteen episodes in it, the pace was still fairly slow, as the writers clearly did not want to diverge too much from the original format, where the team does their best to save the lives of people in danger. The real finale only weighs in the final episodes of the series, and it hits you twice as hard, because you only have a short amount of time to properly process what is going on. While the slow pace was a bit bothersome at first, as we were eager to see how the series would wrap things up, the last few episodes made up for a lot.

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Cast wise there haven’t been any significant changes, which means that you’ll be treated to a similar quality as you have witnessed throughout the four prior seasons, nonetheless, this time it’s Michael Emerson that has a lot on his plate when looking at the development of his character. Harold, Michael’s character, has always been the composed one of the team, the one who has laid out the rules, and the one to live by them without ever straying from the righteous path, and while this remains true for the most part, it’s clear that his foundation is starting to show cracks, and that he shows us what he is truly capable of, if the fate of mankind is at stake.

The special features of this Blu-ray edition of the last season left us with mixed feelings, as we do get a lengthy Comic-Con panel and two fairly long featurettes where the writers and Michael Emerson discuss the different storylines as well as how the fan base evolved over the course over the years, but it could have been so much more. We still miss some extra outtakes, perhaps something which involved more cast members or even a gag reel after this somewhat heavy last season.

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Person of Interest: Season 5 throws us into the final hours of the series, which proved to be action packed, emotional, and above all, it transcended the quality level of all the previous seasons. ‘Saving the best for last’ was clearly the motto for the writers, even though some may argue that the ending was not what they expected, or wanted, these last episodes deservedly bear the title of a grand finale.

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Person of Interest: Season 5 (Blu-ray) – Series Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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