Persona Q Wild Cards Edition

Persona Q Wild Cards Edition

Atlus’ flagship franchise Persona will be making its way onto the 3DS for the first time with its upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. The Etrian Odyssey and Persona mash up, as is the case more and more there will of course be a collector’s edition of the game.

Atlus isn’t one to throw out a collectors edition with a half-assed pack in, much like the Persona 4: Golden collectors edition you’ll be getting your hands on some great stuff. Along with a copy of the game the Premium Edition will get you a specially designed 3DS XL case featuring the cast of Persona 3 and 4 in their Persona Q iterations. You’ll also be getting a music CD featuring the tracks from the game and an Art Book showcasing art from the game. Last but not least you’ll be getting 11 Tarot Cards, even if you don’t spring for the more expensive version of the game you’ll be getting the Tarot cards as well from the retailer of your choice (of course supplies are limited).

Wild Cards edition

The base game will set you back $49.99 while the upgraded premium edition is set to cost $79.99.

As is the case with Persona 4: Golden’s premium edition once the game is released it will probably be hard to find without paying more than they are at launch.

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