Petoons Party – out now on the Switch

Petoons Party – out now on the Switch

Petoons Party the fun family game has been released for the switch today!

Petoons Party is a local multiplayer game perfect to play during parties with friends or family. The game features 28 mini-games with 4 boards to play on and 3 different game modes to switch it up. Four players will take on the role of the Petoons who are a group of wacky colorful creatures working together to save their magical island Kimera from the evil Kitra.

“Petoons Party is the perfect title for friends and families who want to play together”, says Sergio García, CEO at Petoons Studio. “We’re excited to bring Nintendo fans the ultimate party game they were waiting for”.

Petoons Party was previously released for the PlayStation 4, which you can check our review of here, and Steam and is now available on the Switch. The developers will also release an Xbox One version soon.

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