Phobya 5.25″ Bay Reservoir V2 – Hardware Review
Follow Brand: Phobya
Product: 5.25" Bay Reservoir V2
Type: Water-cooling reservoir

Phobya 5.25″ Bay Reservoir V2 – Hardware Review

Good: Clean yet pleasing design, easy to install, good flow
Bad: Difficult to use with hard tubing
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There’s just something about a custom water-cooling loop that makes any PC that has it look incredibly cool. Besides looks such a loop also adds versatility (more than all-in-one loops) and lower system temperatures compared to classic air cooling techniques. Here we have a part you’ll need for such a loop, Phobya’s 5.25” Bay Reservoir V2. Let’s see if this reservoir is worthy of your loop.


This reservoir bay is completely constructed out of clear acrylic. The front has a black plate attached to it. It features the Phobya logo and an easy way to check the current level of the reservoir by leaving certain sections of the plate clear. The cool thing about this design is that those sections will take on the colour of the fluid with which the reservoir is filled. As most times the chosen fluid matches the build of the rest of the computer, it’s an easy way to add some coloured accents to the front of your case. The whole unit takes up one 5.25” drive bay slot. The only problem with this mounting solution is that you’ll have a hard time filling the loop when you’re using hard tubing. It might work when the reservoir is installed in the bottom 5.25” slot and the above slots are clear. Recommended here is soft tubing like plastic.

Securing it within the drive bay are 4 screws which are supplied with the reservoir. Also supplied are 2 fittings to close the unused ports. The back of the reservoir has 4 of those ports which have a diameter of 1/2″ or 13mm. Connection fittings are not supplied with the unit as the ones needed are dependent on the diameter of the used tubing. The inside of the reservoir is cleverly designed to allow for optimal water flow between the in and out port. The back of Phobya’s reservoir also features a couple of small mounting points to allow installation of LED’s for an additional lighting effect.The top has a filling port, secured with another fitting. This port however has a larger diameter than the ones on the back which thankfully makes the process of filling the reservoir easier.



Phobya’s 5.25” Bay Reservoir V2 is a great option when opting to build a custom water-cooling loop, particularly when using flexible tubing. When using hard tubing however, be sure to check if there is enough clearance within your 5.25” drive bays to reach the fill port. Besides the reservoir’s clean look at the sides and back, its black front will match most cases.

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Rating: 9.4/10 (8 votes cast)
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Phobya 5.25" Bay Reservoir V2 - Hardware Review, 9.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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