Pick up the full version of Keplerth today, with a launch discount!

Pick up the full version of Keplerth today, with a launch discount!

Today marks the launch of the full version of TARO and Gamera Games’ latest release Keplerth on Steam. The full version of the 2D sandbox RPG arrives after a successful Early Access period. In Keplerth, players wake up on a strange planet without food, water, shelter or even clothes. A major update brings the Early Access version in line with the full launch version. This update implements several important new features, such as shelter management and monster invasions. Now players will have a crafting table at their disposal to build living quarters and entertainment facilities with which they will be able to increase the number of survivors in their bases – and even make a profit out of them! But players won’t be the only ones building bases: monsters will also be able to build camps nearby, sieging the players’ bases from time to time. Players will need to arm their shelters, set traps and build defensive structures to fend off the attackers. On top of these features, Keplerth gets a new system that will allow players to create a powerful follower, a clone called Replica, who can be armed to help the player during battles. Players will also be able to craft new varieties of traps, and will find more dungeon challenges, new events and rewards, new weapons, more shelters and farm management contents, and more NPCs that will visit the players’ shelters.


  • Explore randomly generated worlds that will let you experience something new every time.
  • Discover a rich biosphere, unlimited resources and all sorts of hidden crises just waiting to arise…
  • Choose your life! Build an elaborate home on the surface, or explore the dangers that lay beneath the surface
  • Edit your genes and skills to push customization options further than you have ever seen
  • Manage your farm, pick up tools, reclaim wasteland, and reap the fruits of your labor
  • Capture alien creatures and train them to be your reliable battle mounts. Saddle up and enter dungeons in style!

Keplerth is available now on Steam for €12.49/$14.99, with a 25% launch discount.

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