Piczle Cross! A cozy series of Nonograms!

Piczle Cross! A cozy series of Nonograms!

Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons has been released on Nintendo Switch and Steam! Experience the clever combination between the popular Piczle Cross series and the charming Story of Seasons franchise. This cozy game will offer you 350 classic Nonograms, all based on the delightful Story of Seasons games.

This game offers the players the experience of the ever-addictive nonogram logic puzzles that celebrate life on the farms, just by exercising your brain with these puzzles. All your favorite villagers, bachelors, tools and so much more, will now provide you with countless hours of puzzling! With over 350 puzzles featuring a variety of different mainstays, you’ll have hours and hours of fun, living on the farm puzzling. Variations in these puzzles include nonograms depicting the series’ farm animals, seasonal crops, villagers, and of course, your favorite bachelors and bachelorettes!

As you clear your way in the game, your farm will expand and livestock will appear. Clear some more and now your crops will grow! From empty fields to a vibrant farm full of life, and puzzles. You can start your adventure in the nonogram farming world.

But that is not all! For now, you can unlock 5 collage puzzles! This means you will have to combine dozens of puzzles to see the literal bigger picture! Clearing such special puzzles will unlock entries in the almanac, which now contains over 100 pages, to see all your favorite characters and critters from all the Story of Seasons games! Can you fill in all the pages?

The best of this all is that you can play it just the way you want, and now you can also enjoy the music of the games! You can listen to all 29 songs whenever you like. True to the Piczle series, Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons provides the most feature-rich and option-abundant experience available to cater the puzzling experience to players’ exact liking. From hiding away the timer and correcting mistakes to choosing the puzzles’ themes and managing how completed clues are marked off, play exactly how you want. There is no wrong way to play!

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