Pikachu 3DS XL

Pikachu 3DS XL


If you’re old enough, or young enough however you want to look at it, and you remember having the Pokemon Gameboy as a kid this might bring the same kind of joy to your face as this did back then.

Pikachu Gameboy

Nintendo has announced they are bringing over the 3DS XL Pikachu edition to North America, if just having this adorable yellow handheld isn’t enough to make you throw down $199 Nintendo is throwing in some extra perks as well. The 3DS XL comes with a 4GB SD memory card and just so happens to release on the same date that the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity releases on March 24th along with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

If you register both the Pikachu 3DS XL and a copy of either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or the new Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon by April 30th Nintendo will give you a code to download one of five 3DS games for free; Super Mario 3D Land, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone!, Star Fox 64 3D, or Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive!.

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Craig Lynn

Craig spends most of his time playing Persona games to a ridiculous degree.

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  1. Deyanne
    March 23, 2013, 14:03

    I had such a hard time to stop myself from buying this instantly when they announced X and Y, probably gonna give in eventually but though :p

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