Pinball Planet now available in Play Store

Pinball Planet now available in Play Store

Pinball video games generally cater to the hardcore fans of the genre, preferring simulation of real life machines over streamlined gameplay. This can be alienating to those who are less experienced with one of the most addictive high score chasers known to mankind.

LuGus Studios is now aiming to bridge this gap between man and machine with Pinball Planet, a mobile game which has just been released in Google’s Play Store. Users of iOS and Windows Phone devices will have to be a bit more patient, but should find the title in their respective stores within the next few days.

The game combines a dynamic mission system with three visually distinct levels. It seems casual pinball enthusiasts have one more reason to glue their mobile devices to their hands!

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Pinball Planet now available in Play Store, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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