Pixelakes announces release date Treasure Stack with special trailer

Pixelakes announces release date Treasure Stack with special trailer

Being enthusiastic with the release of your game has been taken to another level by Pixelakes. Today The Indie Developer officially announced the release date of their game Treasure stack with a hilarious trailer. The trailer shows every member of the development team how they take care and treat their pixels which is the main object in this puzzle game.

Pixelakes reveals that the puzzle-platforming party game will support 4k support ( Xbox One X) and offer online cross-play action between the three platforms with season-specific rewards. Treasure Stack is a 2D puzzle platformer where you control a customizable character to make rows with matching colorful blocks. Run, jump, climb, grapple and stack the appearing blocks to put a hold on the deluge of blocks. Play alone, with three friends in four-player local Versus or Online against everybody in the world. The goal is to to prove you’re the best stacker in the “easy to learn, hard to master” party game.

Treasure Stack will be released on the first of March 2019 on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One for the price of $19,99. Players who pre-order the game on the Switch and Xbox One will receive a discount before launch while Steam users will receive this discount on launch day.


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