PizzaNight X64 Pro Android TVbox available now


In home streaming has been a popular topic for quite some time and now there’s a new competitor in town: the PizzaNight X64 Pro. The PizzaNight X64 Pro is an Android TVbox that features a 64bit 8 core processor and 2GB of RAM, making it capable of streaming up to 4K Ultra HD at 60 fps. It also has 16GB of storage and can be extended with a hard disk or USB stick. A NAS can also be connected over the network making it even more versatile.

The Android TVbox platform also has programs and services available since it is an Android device at its core. Paid streaming services like Netflix, Spotify or Deezer are known by many. But there are also a lot of free programs and services available for Android like YouTube and Vevo. Included in this is the open source mediacenter KODI, which is a base for popular free “add-on” programs that allow you to stream movies, TV series, cartoons, music, documentaries and more. Some add-ons even offer free live TV streaming like live Football, Formula 1, UFC, NBA, NHL, MLB and Tennis. The TVbox also features international IPTV and Radio. Where there is internet, you can watch live TV from all over the world or listen to live radio from your favorite country. Popular categories are USA, Arabic, Turkish, Latin-American and Bollywood. Several add-ons in KODI offer free TV streams and radio and there are also many professional “IPTV” packages available for the Android platform which offer a bigger package of (paid) live TV channels.

The PizzaNight X64 Pro comes with KODI and all popular “add-on” programs pre-installed. Just plug it in to the power supply, connect it to your TV and the internet (LAN or WiFi) and it’s ready for streaming. Even though the box is already plug & play you will also receive a Dutch manual that will tell you all about KODI and the configuration of add-ons, so you can learn how to change favorites or add new add-on programs in the future. Additional Android software can easily be installed through the Google Play Store, with a free Google account you have access to more than 100.000 programs.

For more information, you can visit the PizzaNight website (in Dutch).

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