PizzaNight X64 Pro – Hardware Review
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PizzaNight X64 Pro – Hardware Review

Good: Compact, Easy to use
Bad: Needs a proper remote/keyboard, Will get a bit less valuable when certain services are rendered illegal
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Our modern society probably has too many entertainment platforms, be it for gaming or watching movies and series. While finding the right game is already a hard task, finding the proper series or movie tends to be even harder, especially when you don’t own the necessary hardware (or software) to scroll through a library of different films and series. Subscriptions such as Netflix remain popular and are gaining ground in Europe as of late, but still they often don’t offer ‘everything’ a viewer might like, and if you don’t own a console or a Smart TV you’ll be stuck to viewing material on your laptop, desktop or tablet, which isn’t always the most pleasant experience if you’d rather binge from your comfortable sofa. PizzaNight X64 Pro is one of those little trinkets that might offer a solution to watch your favorite items on TV and perhaps even open the doors to new content.



There is not that much to tell about the design of the device, as it’s a simple small black box, with the necessary ports on the backside as well as the left side. The front has a small LED which states if the device is active or in sleep mode. Other than that, the only noticeable features is the device name on the top, and that’s pretty much about it. While this may sound like it’s a very bland device, it’s actually the opposite. Because of the very subtle appearance and features of the PizzaNight X64 Pro, it will immediately blend in with your decoration and it will not serve as a nuisance.

The remote control looks rather simple and pretty much like a standardized remote you’d get with basic television sets or even DVD players and so on. Nothing truly remarkable here, but it’s functional and looks in tune with the rest of the hardware.


The device itself doesn’t have any comfort features, except for the fact that it’s small and light and will not stand in your way at any time. The only problem is that, when you have a rather ‘stiff’ HDMI cable, it will push the box further away, as it is so light. Other than that there isn’t that much to say. Only one nuisance is that the device can’t properly be turned off with a switch or button.

PizzaNight X64 Pro


  • CPU: RK3368 64bit octa-core (Cortex-A53)
  • CPU: Max speed 8×1.5 GHz
  • GPU: SGX6110 (600 MHz)
  • GPU: max video output: 4K ULTRA HD (4K@60fps)
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3
  • Internal Storage: 16GB eMMC
  • Dimensions: 108 x 108 x 21 mm
  • HDMI 2.0, 2x USB 2.0, Composite video, Memory card slot


You’ll be happy to hear that you won’t have to bother with that many things before you can dive right into the (cinematic) action that is held within this small black box. You’ll simply have to plug in the power supply and the HDMI-cable, and you’re pretty much good to go. Perhaps the AC Adapter cord could have been a bit longer, but in most cases it will suffice.

When you first boot up this Android based device, you’ll have the choice to either go ahead and link all your accounts to the device, to get your mailbox in order, your Netflix account and so on. Of course, you can always skip these steps and go right ahead and mess around with your media center. Keep in mind though, if you don’t add your Gmail account to the device, you will not be able to access Google’s Play store. The media center that is preinstalled is Kodi, which is known both for legal services, as well as those that might be on the other side of the law. Nonetheless, what you do with it, is entirely up to you. You can either opt to import your own media etc, or you can simply look for sources to start streaming series and movies. Of course, the quality of what you stream will depend on the source that is presenting you with the item of your choice.

Even though the device has 16GB internal memory, you’ll be able to expand it by using a USB drive (or external HDD) or a mini SD card. If you have ample room with the internal storage, you’ll be able to use the USB ports for something else, for example a keyboard and mouse, if you have your device sitting on a table. While the latter might not be ideal for a living room situation, it’s great for a ‘man-cave’ or a private area where you like to relax and watch some series/movies. Navigating goes without a hitch, but it is advised to hook up a small wireless keyboard (like the ones they sell on the official site of the PizzaNight X64 Pro). The original remote control will allow you to navigate properly, but typing and some browser actions will become rather tedious with it.


Even though the PizzaNight X64 Pro is an investment, it’s one that’s worth making. Not only do you have a proper responding extension for your TV for your paid accounts, you’ll also be able to access other materials by using other routes (that’s entirely up to you). The device itself is rather small, sleek, and will fit your interior properly and it’s a matter of plug-and-play, granting you more than enough comfort. If you’re sick of commercials and the lack of decent material on digital TV, this might be an ideal solution.

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Rating: 6.4/10 (41 votes cast)
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PizzaNight X64 Pro - Hardware Review, 6.4 out of 10 based on 41 ratings

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