Planet Zoo: Update 1.5 and Southeast Asia coming March 30

Planet Zoo: Update 1.5 and Southeast Asia coming March 30

Only a few weeks until the new content is coming to the Planet Zoo game. Update 1.5 brings a range of improvements and extras to the game. Players will be able to have multiple zoo entrances, customizable water colors and volume, video billboards, fresh scenario rewards and the ability to save franchise zoos and sandboxes.

Next to the update, there will be a release for the new content pack ‘Southeast Asia’. This pack will feature eight new animals from a truly vibrant and breathtaking part of the world. New pets include the Sun Bear, Binturong, Proboscis Monkey, Clouded Leopard, Malayan Tapir, Ussuri Dhole, Babirusa, Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect and the North Sulawesi. To fit all these new animals, the player will need to craft a stunning array of habitats to keep the new arrivals healthy and happy.

If you’d like a good challenge then you could always try out the brand new timed scenario based in Perak, Malaysia. Here you will take care of a struggling zoo set in a tropical rainforest biome and attempt to reverse its fortunes by placing scenery, flora and facilities with the signature Planet Zoo construction and landscaping tools.

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