Planetary Annihilation Enters Beta

Planetary Annihilation Enters Beta

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you could stripmine a moon for all of its valuable resources and once the moon is barren you hurl the small planetoid onto an unsuspecting planet that your enemy calls home? Of course you have, we all have this vivid dream constantly in the back of our heads. At least I hope so. Luckily our shared vision of intergalactic domination through hurled small bodies of rock is slowly becoming a reality with Planetary Annihilation. The kickstarter success that raised 2.2 million dollars is available on Steam Early Access though you should be wary of its price. If you want to jump into and play this intergalactic domination simulator before it is fully released you’re going to have to put down $59.99 for the privilege. If you backed the project on Kickstarter you would have gotten the full game for a cool $20 dollars when it releases in December, or you could have plopped down $40 dollars to have gotten into the beta or even 60 to get into the Alpha.

If you didn’t back the Kickstarter earlier this year you’re looking at paying $40 dollars for the full game when it releases or $60 to get into the beta. I’m not sure how I feel about having to pay more for the game because I didn’t or wasn’t able to fund their kickstarter. All the while you also have two high priced editions of the game, either the $199 or the $250 versions grant you access to the Beta as well.

Either way I’m looking forward to play the finished version of the game. I’ll finally be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of galactic domination through the fear of asteroid strikes. The game is set to release sometime in December.

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