Plants Behaving Badly – Documentary Review
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Plants Behaving Badly – Documentary Review

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Murder, sex and deceit, not really the first thoughts that come to mind when we think about plants, especially those who would be found in our backyards. Plants behaving badly is a two part documentary that shows us, even though certain plants may look pretty on the outside, they happen to have a darker side as well.


Whilst the title Plants behaving badly might sound like either a cheesy horror flick or a porn movie with really weird getups, but in reality it’s a two part documentary, each part handling a different subject. In both parts of the documentary, Charles Darwin happens to be a key figure because of the research he has done in the past, concerning plant behavior that does not come across as ‘normal’.

The first part of the documentary handles the subject of carnivorous plants. You’ll be able to see a great variety of different kind of plants, each with their own way of entrapping their prey, thus showing murder in the plant world.

During the second part you’ll get enlightened in sex trafficking life of the orchids, they have to rely on others to do their ‘dirty work’. Of course, once again you’ll see a lot of complex ways in to luring the right insects to do the job for them. Some end up be rewarding for both parties, whilst others are not.

Amazing visuals is the key strength of the documentary, even though both subjects are very interesting, the footage we get to see is simply amazing. Whilst not all may look as beautiful as most of the flowers you’ll see, you’ll get to discover a lot of different variations of carnivorous plants as well as orchids and of course the insects that they prey on, depend on or coexist with. Stunning colors are to be seen thanks to the crystal clear footage.


Even though it might not be the real intention of the documentary, the insect species that are shown will also make it clear we don’t know that much about the insect world yet. A lot of species shown in the documentary, most of us will have probably never heard of. A slight bonus for those who are intrigued by our tiny little bug friends (or enemies).

Sir David Attenborough will guide you through this fairly unique experience with his calm and soothing voice. He’ll never sound boring or bland during the entire 100 minutes of the documentary.

The overall flow of the documentary is just right, whilst sometimes the subject calls for a little more variation, you’ll never get bored. Extra facts are constantly added and the fun references to Charles Darwin show another side of this legendary man. Both parts handle a different subject, but they go about it in the same way, which makes it clear that the subjects in both parts fit together as one big whole, namely as the mischievous plants of the flora world.


Plants behaving badly is simply an amazing documentary that will interest a lot of people. Be it that you’re a fan of nature documentaries, mischievous plants, great footage or simply a lot of fun, creepy yet interesting facts about these two species of plants. Certainly worth a watch, and who knows, you’d might learn a thing or two.

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