Play as a demon in the new Demon Turf!

Play as a demon in the new Demon Turf!

Have you always wanted to become a demon and claim your land? Well, now you will be able to!

A new game from Playtonic Friends and partner Fabraz has been announced where you will take on the role of Beebz a mere 1000-year-old demon, in a game named Demon Turf. The game was revealed during the ID@Xbox’s showcase event.

Players will have to reclaim the numerous turfs of the Demon world, defeat the Demon king and claim the throne for themselves. The world features a hybrid 2D/3D art style and has a world chock full of humor, punky attitude, and a focus on replayability and ever-evolving challenge.

“Demon Turf was one of the titles that made us want to set up our new publishing arm” added Gavin Price, CEO of Playtonic “our aim was always to partner with those developers who make the kinds of games we love to play or we wish we’d come up with first which is exactly how we felt when we first played Slime-San so then when the Fabraz team showed us what they had in store with Demon Turf; the community focus, the reams of content and just somethin really fresh & new; we absolutely had to get involved”

You can actually already try out Demon Turf in a renewed kind of demo. Demon Turf trials, as the “demo” is called, has a new challenge and presents a fresh leaderboard every Thursday. You can even earn a personal portrait in the main game if you make it to the top of the board. Trials also offer a full tutorial and two complete main levels of the full game.

Demon Turf offers physics-driven combat as your attacks don’t do damage, you will just push, pull and spin your enemies out of your way and down cliffs or into spikes. You will also be able to place your checkpoints yourself, so you can show off without them for a perfect run or put one right before a challenging section. You are even able to teleport between two checkpoints to retrieve collectibles that you might have missed.

Fabian Rastorfer, Game Lead and Artist at Fabraz, commented “I’ve always wanted to create a 3D Platformer, they’ve been my favourite genre all my life, having  grown up playing all of the notable ones on pretty much every console! With our 2D platformer, Slime-san, we received a lot of praise for what we brought to 2D precision based platforming so we really wanted to see if we can translate the spirit of what made Slime-san great into a 3D Platformer”.

Demon Turf will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X in summer 2021.

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