Play With Me available now

Play With Me available now

Play With Me is a game that is loosely inspired on the Saw franchise. You follow the story of Robert Hawk and how he is looking for his missing wife Sara. When the police only finds the car wreck the investigators find hints of a serial killer called the Illusion that might be behind all of this. The game contains the following goodies and we have a nice screenshot gallery and trailer for you.

  •  Numerous optical puzzles and illusions that will stimulate your
  •  Extra activities (working mobile phone, computers and others) that
    will allow you to forget about your terrifying situation,
  •  Moral choices and different endings that will test your humanity,
  •  Various game modes, secondary quests, and randomness of some
    gameplay elements that will provide entertainment for many hours,
  •  Flexible dialogue system – in-game character’s attitude towards the
    main protagonist may vary from being sad to anger or impatience,
  •  Extended “Mental State System” of the main protagonist indicating
    the level of his madness,
  •  The ability to win the gratitude of other imprisoned and even get
    their help with a bit of manipulation and favors. The way you afterwards
    use it is totally up to you,
  •  A frightening plot that will keep you glued to the monitor for
  •  The atmosphere of the game loosely inspired by the film “Saw”
  •  The ability to use objects from your real world surroundings – a
    microphone, a mirror, a camera, etc.,
  •  Professional blood-chilling soundtrack and dubbing,
  •  Voice Overs recorded in the Lektor Studio, a company known for
    their work for HBO, CBS, AXN, Discovery and National Geographic among

Play With Me is available now for $ 9,99 / € 9,99 or £7,19

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