Playable characters unveiled with screenshots for Shiness

Playable characters unveiled with screenshots for Shiness

A new action-RPG is on the block from indie developers Enigami! Shiness, set in hostile but beautiful Mahera, follows main character Chado, who is a master of the element of Earth  and can communicate with a spirit from nature- the Shiness. Joining you are: Poky, an genius engineer with the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and electrical currents; Kayenne, the Telekinetic warrior; Aksel, a fearsome mercenary whose main weapon of choice is a whip; and Rosalya, who controls the Fire element.

Key features of the game include:

  • The chance to develop your characters as you travel and discover around the world
  • Hyper-dynamic combat, where magic with fighting game mechanics are mixed
  • Develop two types of skills (physical attacks and magic), whilst unlocking new talents and spells
  • Multiple, interactive environments that you can explore with the help of your companions
  • Many quests and side quests that can help you to develop the reputation of your characters

Platforms for the game are yet to be announced, but Shiness is due to come sometime in 2016. Meanwhile, check out the screenshots below to get a glimpse of who you will be playing with!

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