PlayLink – A new way to play with friends on the PS4!

PlayLink – A new way to play with friends on the PS4!

Gaming is a hobby that is enjoyed by many and what’s more fun than playing a game with your friends or family. A lot of people enjoy playing board games at least 5 times a year mostly with family. With the upcoming winter months and the holidays, even more, people enjoy spending time with their loved ones. The PlayLink-games are games similar to board games and are perfect to play with your family and friends.

The PlayLink games are fun for young and old and are fun for everyone. Instead of using a controller or a pawn, you use a smartphone or tablet (Android from version 4.4 or IOS from 9.0). This makes it possible to play with a group of up to 6 people. You can easily get started with the PlayLink games as they are easily understood and you don’t need to learn 100 rules or so.

The PlayLink games Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power and SingStar Celebration are available the 22nd of November. That’s You is already available and Frantics will release in March 2018.

Frantics is a game that requires teamwork as it requires you to work together with the other players. You have to win stimulating levels together with your friends or family. Players that are more competitive can take a shot at the quiz game Knowledge is Power with more than 1000 questions. That’s You! is a party quiz where you and 5 other friends max discover each other’s inner thoughts.

SingStar Celebration is a karaoke game that makes your smartphone into a microphone. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not, just sing along with the latest hits and enjoy yourself together with your friends. Hidden Agenda is a detective game that is similar to Cluedo. Together with the other players, you try to complete the research for a serial killer. By making the right choices and some serious detective work you try to find the culprit. One of the players has other plans, a “hidden agenda” to be more clear. He/she will try to sabotage the research so you better pay attention.


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