PlayLink – Two new games available!

PlayLink – Two new games available!

PlayLink is known for making family gatherings and parties so much better. Put one of the games in your PS4, let people use their own smartphone or tablet and prepare for many entertaining evenings together. The two newest PlayLink games in the series are Knowledge is Power: Decades and Chimparty.

Chimparty is a funky multiplayer game where you can play together with three other people in 18 silly mini-games in 90 different levels. This game is for all ages and is pretty easily explained for beginning gamers. In the Board game mode, you will try to beat everyone to the endpoint by rolling dice and using tricks to grab the lead. You will play 5 mini-games where you can also get a chance to grab the lead. There are also three other modes: Blitz mode, Survival mode, and custom mode. In Blitz mode, you’ll play 10 random games while trying to collect as many stars as you can while in Survival mode you try to keep as many stars as you can as you try out different mini-games. In the custom mode, you will be able to choose between all 90 levels and all sessions.

Knowledge is Power: Decades is the newest quiz in the Knowledge is Power series. You’ll have to be the fastest and smartest to be able to win this quiz. There will be questions about pop culture and entertainment form the 80’s till 2010. You will be able to play with max. 6 players and now you can even get new powerplays where you can more easily beat your opponents by locking their screen. There will also be four new touchscreen challenges where you will have to get the high score in a limited time.

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