PlayStation E3 2015 games showcase

PlayStation E3 2015 games showcase

We’ve already seen some amazing games showcases from developers but as a PS4 owner, I’m more stoked about the PlayStation games showcase itself. So without further ado, let’s dig right into the announcements and trailers.

According to PlayStation, many of the games that have been revealed are part of an historic evolution of gaming, an evolution that is inspiring the entire community of players, developers, creators and engineers by offering unprecedented action and interactivity as well as beautiful and emotional narratives.

The Last Guardian is one of the action adventure titles that offer a touching and emotional narrative as well as a beautiful-crafted fantasy world by the means of advanced lightning and particle effects. Featuring detailed environments and lifelike character animations, the game is set in a strange and mystical land where a young boy discovers a mysterious creature whom he befriends. The unlikely companion Trico does not only act as a companion but also as a protector while the duo travels through treacherous ruins filled with unknown dangers.


Horizon Zero Dawn is another exhilarating new action RPG that is exclusively coming to PS4 in 2016. This open-world game features a lush post-apocalyptic world inhabited by mechanical creatures, which the main protagonist Aloy explores.

Another open-ended adventure game that was revealed is Dreams, a space where you can explore and play the dreams of others while creating and sharing your own.

The rich narrative continues in Shadow of the Beast, a fantasy action-packed exclusive PlayStation 4 game in which the story of Aarbron is told once again. The re-imagined legend can be re-lived by exploring the visually stunning world of Karamoon, engaging in ferocious combat while you unleash dark magic and step into the shadow realm as you survive against the odds.


Ratchet & Clank brings the intergalactic heroes Ratchet and Clank to PS4 for the very first time. The adventurous platformer has been dearly missed but the franchise has returned, perhaps for the greater good, as Ratchet and Clank need to battle epically to save the Solana Galaxy from the evil chairman Drek. Based on the original PS2 game, Ratchet & Clank features cinematics including footage of the film in vibrant 1080p as well as new locations, weapons, bosses and much, much more. Mark the spring of 2016 in your calendar as this is when you are able to experience the start of epic friendships once again.

Another open-world game is The Tomorrow Children, which is said to be ready for release in 2015. This game features everything: a great narrative, beautiful visuals and stunning sceneries with a unique gameplay.

Next up we have Tearaway Unfolded, an action adventure single-player platformer set to release in September 2015. The game has been rebuild from scratch to make full use of the enhanced power of the PS4 as well as the features of the Dualshock 4 controller.

Other games such as No Man’s Sky, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Until Dawn, LBP Journey Home and RIGS have been showcased as well but we want you to be surprised as you watch the entire E3 press conference right below.

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