PlayStation Music combines Sony with Spotify

PlayStation Music combines Sony with Spotify

The era of game consoles just being, well, game consoles has ended quite a while ago. Proving this once more is a new deal between Sony and Spotify, resulting in  a new worldwide music platform called PlayStation Music.

Through this platform, PlayStation Network members will be able to stream their favourite music to their PS3, PS4 and Xperia mobile devices. Those who already have a Spotify membership will get access to their song collections and playlists as well, and PlayStation 4 owners can use the service while they are gaming.

As Sony is putting all of its faith in PlayStation Music, the company is planning to stop supporting its Music Unlimited services on 29 March. Active members will receive the final month for free, from 28 February to 29 March. Moreover, they will get a free trial for Spotify Premium.

As to the actual launch date of PlayStation Music, the new partners are sticking to a vague Spring 2015 window. We’ll keep you updated as more information is unveiled!


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