PLAYSTATION®4 sold more than 4.2 million consoles worlwide.

PLAYSTATION®4 sold more than 4.2 million consoles worlwide.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Announced today, January 8, 2013, that the PS4™ has been sold more than 4.2 million times worldwide. This shows the enormous growth of the PS4-platform.
The sales of the games has reached 9.7 million copies since the launch of the new  console. The number of PS Plus subscriptions increased by more than 90%.

The sales of the PS4™ games stayed at his high during the holidays, with more than 9.7 million copies sold in stores around the world and as digital downloads in the PlayStation®Store. This is more than twice as much consoles sold.
The most popular games at the moment are Call of Duty®: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed®IV Black Flag™, Battlefield 4™, FIFA 14 and Killzone™ Shadow Fall.


Lots of PS4-gamers chose for the extra functionalities and benefits of the Playstation®Plus subscriptions. This is noticable due to the fact that since the launch of the PS4™ the subscriptions have increased by more than 90%. PS Plus members have acces to the Instant Game Collection™ and can play full versions of popular games without a timelimit and no extra costs. The available games in the Instant Game Collection™ for PS4 are Resogun™ and Contrast. More games will be added in the future.

PS4-gamers are also sharing their gameplay experiences with the share options of the PS4™. More than 1.7 million gameplay videos were streamed through videostreamingplatforms such as Twitch and Ustream. According to Twitch, 20% of their streamers consists out of PS4-gamers. Ustream reports an average of 40 minuts of streaming per streamer. All this streaming is good for approximately 22 million viewers.

PS4 is now available in 53 countries around the world.

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