Pode (PS4) – Review
Follow Genre: Co-op Puzzler
Developer: Henchman & Goon
Publisher: Henchman & Goon
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4
Tested on: PS4

Pode (PS4) – Review

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Good: Stunning visuals, Mesmerizing music, Fun co-op gameplay
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Pode is an award-winning Co-op Puzzler game by Norwegian indie developer Henchman & Goon. It was released for the Nintendo Switch in June of 2018, and was released for PlayStation 4 this week. The story follows two very unlikely companions on their adventurous journey to the top of a mountain. 


A star crashes down to earth. It lands amidst dark rocky surfaces, far away from its former home, high in the sky. A blue rock comes to greet the fallen star, and the fallen star tries to explain that she needs to find a way home. The rock, named Bulder, who is obviously more familiar with the area, leads the fallen star, named Flo, to the foot of the highest mountain. This mysterious and magical mountain, Mount Fjellheim,  is where they will start their journey, together, to ultimately reach the top, where Flo has the best chance to return home. 

Although they are nothing alike, the duo quickly realizes that they will need each other’s help if they want to reach to the top of Mount Fjellheim. With each having a unique set of skills, they will have to work together and using their combined power, they are most likely to succeed. When working together, they can turn the cold empty ruins of the a lost civilization into a beautiful work of art, as they revitalize their surroundings, turning sand into beautiful flowers and pebbles into vibrant beams of stalagmite. They will have to alter their surroundings, solve intricate puzzles to reach the most difficult parts inside the mountain, where they can collect giant seeds that will grow all way to the top. The game is about nature, peace and harmony, about two very different characters, using their differences to help each other, about a blossoming friendship and ultimately, about unconditional love. 


Pode’s visuals are amazing. Being influenced by Norwegian art and culture, each blank slate of rocky surface quickly turns into a colorful lavishly filled painting as the rock and the fallen star work their magic. The level design is extremely transformative and ultimately becomes very detailed and colorful. Each level seems to follow a visual theme, such as water, darkness, rocky lava and more. If you look up typical Norwegian art-pieces, you will see the almost flawless comparison with some of the visuals in this game, making this game almost a small love-letter to Norway. 

The two main characters, Bulder and Flo, are super cute, and their simple kid-like design makes them even more lovable. The lighting effects in Pode are amazing and the light coming from the fallen star is sublime. It doesn’t only nourish the surroundings, making them burst with life, but it also cast shadows on nearby surfaces, when for example, the rock is standing next to it. 


Pode’s soundtrack is beyond beautiful. It is mesmerizingly enchanting. The music is composed by the world-renowned composer Austin Wintory. It fits the game perfectly and transports you to a peaceful realm, a dream-like world, where your soul is soothed and you can breathe easily. You don’t even have to close your eyes to let the music carry you away to this world, because playing Pode does exactly the same.  


Pode is a Co-op Puzzler, and although you can play this all by yourself, it is highly recommended that you play this with someone else. The game is also very accessible, with easy controls, not too challenging puzzles and satisfying gameplay. Because of this accessibility, you can choose to play this game with a child, a friend or your partner. 

Because of the two main characters’ huge differences, each of them uses unique abilities that complements the other one. Bulder is perfect for growing big beams of vibrant stalagmite, open hard-to-crack seeds, stand on pressure plates, carry rocks in his mouth, or even carry Flo in its mouth when need be. Flo on the other hand, can use its bright light to nourish the environment, growing beautiful flowers and other flora. It can hoover, float over water, activate murals and even learn to cast aside its light, making it able to teleport. The game is designed in a way that you will always need each other to progress the game. Neither one can leave the area without the other beside it, and the only way to reach the end of an area together, again, is to work together.

The game consists of eight different levels, good for about five to six hours of gameplay, with each area within the levels consisting of a great variety of puzzles. Although these puzzles aren’t always very difficult to solve, they are always very enjoyable, thanks also to the beautiful imagery. At the end of each level, the duo will acquire a giant seed that they will carry back to the main hall, inside the mountain. Those seeds, using the combined power of the duo, will grow into a large plant, reaching all the way to the top of the mountain. There are some collectibles, such as Norwegian murals, and light bulbs freed from their rocky cocoon, this means that aside from completing the main puzzles, you can also figure out additional mini-puzzles to acquire all collectibles. 


Pode offers great visuals, mesmerizing music, and fun co-op gameplay. The game is not too long, with its five to six hours of gameplay and it is accessible for all audiences. The puzzles are fun and somewhat challenging. The game depicts a great metaphor of what true friendship means, coated in stunning Norwegian art and culture-inspired visuals and sound, all harmoniously working together, creating an enchanting experience to share. Pode is all about teamwork, so grab a friend and experience this stunning game together. Pode is definitely worth picking up. 

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Rating: 8.5/10 (4 votes cast)
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Pode (PS4) - Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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